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Vilvoorde Natural Tone/Gray 5 Pc. Counter Ht. Table Set

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Vilvoorde Natural Tone/Gray 5 Pc. Counter Ht. Table Set, 47 1/4"L X X 23 1/2"H, 87.12lbs.
Create visual intrigue with the intricate two-tone counter-height table set. Curved wooden stools provide all around comfort with smooth wooden seats and sleek leg rests to keep you perfectly supported. Wine and dine on the sturdy wood table as the s pacious top provides a roomy surface for all your dining needs. Finished in a natural tone, the dining set offers rustic tones and a brightening contrast to focus and redefine your dining space.

Contemporary Style
Two-Tone Design
Sturdy Metal Construction
PVC Plastic Top
Natural Tone Finish

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